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Photo: Icefield Parkway - Jasper, Vancouver to Edmonton

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Top things to do in Vancouver, BC. Do the Grouse Grind in Two Minutes!

Attractions Video Cameron Lang August 28th, 2019

It's been described as a Vancouver rite of passage, and since its revival in the 90s part of the 'fabric of the city.' But one thing is for certain: it's a grind. It isn't one of Canada's national parks, rather it's part of Metro Vancouver's regional park: Grouse Mountain Regional Park

The trail head for the Grouse Grind is a 25-minute drive from downtown Vancouver over the Lions Gate bridge to scenic North Vancouver. The trail is only 2.8 kilometers long, but it has a lofty 850-meter elevation gain. It's steep!

If you're in good shape, it will take you around an hour -- some people even run it. The record for the Grind is just 25 minutes. If you're not feeling up to it today, don't worry because we strapped on a GoPro and shot some stop-motion footage - so that you can do the Grind in just over two minutes! (Eat your heart out Sebastian Salas)

Typical of the Vancouver North Shore mountains, the Grind takes you through some beautiful West Coast forestry. However other than some nice tall trees, there's not that much of a view on the way up.

Um. . . So why would anyone do this? Aside from the physical challenge, Grouse Mountain has some great attractions on offer when you get to the top. The view itself is pretty spectacular, offering panoramas of downtown Vancouver, as well as the harbour (Burrard Inlet).

Still not your bag? No worries, there's a gondola to the top of the mountain. Once there, you can sip a cocktail at the restaurant while you watch this video on your smartphone and wait for your friends to arrive drenched in sweat. Job done!


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