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Photo: Icefield Parkway - Jasper, Vancouver to Edmonton

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Sustainable Travel Action

Tips Reece Griffin November 19th, 2020
We are proud to announce our sustainable travel initiative as part of the wider ecotourism movement in conjunction with Stripe Climate.

Today we're proud to announce our participation in Stripe Climate. While it's only our first move towards a more sustainable travel initiative, we plan that it will be the first of many. It's becoming overwhelmingly obvious that there's never been a better time to take action, and provide consumers with green travel alternatives.

For us though the decision to contribute to the ecotourism movement is a little more personal. We launched MirrorTrip in our own backyard of Vancouver, a truly beautiful part of the world. Vancouver of course owes much of it's beauty to its surroundings: lakes, beaches, ocean, forests, and rocky mountains. Heading east to our other locations this is also true, both of our main routes: Vancouver to Banff and Calgary, and Edmonton to Vancouver both cross the Canadian Rockies.

Whilst driving the Canadian Rockies, it's hard not to establish a personal connection to the surrounding nature. Clearly it's also a beautiful part of the world, however a strong emphasis on ecology is also apparent. Driving national parks such as Banff National Park and Yoho National Park you soon notice this commitment, with vast animal protection corridors that stretch for miles.

So yeh, we want to do our part too (eh!). When our payment partner Stripe announced their new program Stripe Climate just a few weeks ago - it was an opportunity that we jumped on immediately. Stripe Climate is grounded firmly in science, with a specific focus on carbon removal. The program has an impressive board of scientific advisors who have selected some of the most innovative carbon capture techniques presently available to drive their initiative.

As of today 1% of all MirrorTrip revenues will be contributed to the Stripe Climate. It's a humble beginning, but one we're proud to be a part of.


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